Tier 1

Team of two actors pool together to make the perfect scene. Each member will op-in to switch roles. For example we film a interrogation scene , actor A play will  a cop. Scene two actor B plays criminal . After the take one we will reverse rolls and both parties leave with a full professional clip.

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Tier 2

Nothing is like a powerful speech a ground breaking vocal moment where an actor can speak, move ,vibrate hearts in a solo performance filled with meaning.We will review your photo and discuss with you which monologue will bring out the best version of your chosen character . We will film the monologue based on the script provided.

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Shoot Camp

A Group of 3 actors or more plan out a series of clips to be completed over a scheduled weekend at a prespecified location. The actors will leave with a high-quality acting clip for their reel. This has become Reel Perfect customer favorite

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Next Steps...

Ask your self are you ready. Remember you are the product that your selling to the world. So if your ready lets go!